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Bespoke System Design for Boats

bespoke powerboat southamOwning your own boat comes with many benefits; you can set sail on a whim and head to anywhere you desire. The marine industry is also fast-growing and highly-lucrative. However, in order to sustain the dream or your business, you must upkeep your boat, requiring durable and reliable equipment. This need not be a strenuous and laborious task, though. There are ways of incorporating maintenance and upkeep into part of the routine that, if anything, serve to enhance your boating experience.

By introducing sophisticated hydraulic systems and checking they are up-to-date, you can improve areas such as steering, rudder control, and heavy lifting tools for lifting and lowering loads.

bespoke design power boat meeting southamWorking with our clients’ individual needs, requirements and briefs, we design bespoke hydraulic systems for a variety of marine applications For your bespoke system, we source the most advanced hydraulic components; Trident works with leading hydraulic manufacturers such as Salami and Settima. Trident not only design the system, we also manufacture and test it to ensure it works efficiently and effectively, and deliver capabilities and suitability for the marine industry.

Components within our bespoke hydraulic systems

Amongst our most popular components for marine purpose include Salami pumps and valves, and Settima pumps. Salami are an Italian hydraulics company, founded in 1956. They have over 50 years’ experience, meaning their hydraulic components are tried and tested, and are equipped to resist adverse conditions. Equally, Settima are industry leaders, notably for their production of hydraulic pumps.

specialists team bespoke power boat southamIn marine applications, there are a wide range of pumps that can be used: vane pumps, transmission pumps, load-sensing pumps and gear pumps. Depending on your particular use and application, the most appropriate hydraulic system will vary. Our team of specialists will be able to determine what products will work best for you, taking into consideration your budget and specifications.

If you require further information about the services we provide at Trident Hydraulics or would like to speak with a member of staff to receive a quote for your bespoke system; please do not hesitate to contact the team on 01926 811395.