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The companies we supply at Trident

Settima Founded in 1978, this family-run business specialises in silent and minimal-noise emitting hydraulic components that can be fitted in small envelop dimensions. Trident Hydraulics supply a number of Settima products, including pumps, screw pumps, valves and power packs.

Salami An Italian-based company, Salami has been a prevalent designer and manufacturer of hydraulic components since 1956. Trident supply a full range of Salami, including their power packs, gear pumps, and their directional valves.

Argo-HytosArgo-Hytos is a medium-sized family business that is a key player in the hydraulics industry, focusing on producing innovative products for mechanical engineering purposes and mobile working machinery.

Products at Trident Hydraulics

Trident Hydraulics is a supply company that sources and provides the most advanced, sophisticated and effective components for hydraulic systems. We work across all fieldsmarine, forestry, mobile machinery, power generation, presses, tool machines, wind power, material handling, oil and gas and automotive, amongst other areas.

Our dedicated team have worked hard to select state-of-the-art hydraulic equipment that is durable, efficient and powerful.

 Our Products

Filters trident hydraulicsFilters: Filters are an essential component for any hydraulics system, as they ensure that the lubricant does not become contaminated and that the fluid remains pure. Argo-Hytos have an extensive range of durable filters available at Trident Hydraulics.

Pumps trident hydraulicsPumps: By vacuuming the fluid from the reservoir into the inlet line, hydraulic pumps are a key component within a hydraulic system. Trident Hydraulic supply a range of pumps, by Settima and Salami. Settima’s three screw pumps are often married with electric motors and can be used for external use or under water. Salami pumps include aluminium alloy bodied pumps.

Powerpacks trident hydraulicsPower Packs: The power packs we supply at Trident are both compact and powerful. They run on low noise emissions and are long-lasting.

Valves trident hydraulics

Hydraulic Valves: Hydraulic valves help control the flow of hydraulic fluid, meaning the system works efficiently and safely. Trident supplies valves from all three manufacturers.

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