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Salami Spa at Trident Hydraulics

Trident Hydraulics source the most advanced, sophisticated and efficient hydraulic components from across the globe, delivering optimum results for our clients. We work with a range of hydraulic companies and industry sectors, supplying a full and comprehensive range of pumps, valves, motors and power packs.

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One of the leading hydraulic manufacturers and designers we supply at Trident Hydraulics is Salami Spa. Founded in 1956, Salami is an Italian based hydraulic company that are devoted to producing state-of-the-art components for complete customer satisfaction. Their products reflect innovation, and Salami continually work to improve their design and application.

salami valves southamValves are an essential component to any hydraulic power system. They work to control the flow of the hydraulic fluid in the system and that passes through the system, preventing dangerous pressure levels and malfunction of the system. Directional valves have three main functions. Not only do they operate and control the flow of the fluid, they can also change the direction of the flow, depending on the specific requirements. Directional valves can also regulate the pressure of the hydraulic fluid within the system.

In particular, the Salami Spa VDPO8 is a load-sensing directional control valve made of cast iron. Depending on the spool position rather than the load, the VDPO8 helps to conserve energy and limit the levels needed to function.

In order to protect the directional valve from erosion damage and wear, Salami have utilised strong, resistant materials, such as steel and chromium-plated metal to ensure their products have a long life and can withstand adverse conditions while operating mobile hydraulic applications.

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