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Generator for Fixed Displacement and Load Sensing Hydraulic Systems

The TPS Hydraulic Generator is complete power solution package, compact, versatile and simple to install. The standard manifold is capable of working with flow rates of up to 60 litres per minute at max pressure of 200 bar, so by simply changing the gear motor and alternator, it can provide rated outputs up to 20kVa in single of three phase, 50 or 60hz.

The manifold incorporates all of the required valves to allow the generator to operate without the need for any other component parts. It incorporates a 12v diverter valve, pressure relief valve and pressure compensated flow control.

The unit operates only when the solenoid is energised, this then diverts flow away from any other function and through the flow control valve to provide a regulated flow through the gear motor to the alternator. Excess flow is returned to tank. When the solenoid is de-energised flow passes directly into P1 and out P2 which simply acts as a bypass to generator function.

Electrical connection is extremely simple, a 12v or 24 dc supply is required to energise the directional valve which in turn can be connected to simple toggle switch. For further technical help please contact 01926 811395 or simply email