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HPT Piston Pumps

Bent axis axial piston pumps:

Bent axis piston pumps hydraulics: This is a modern and high-performance pump for all applications, including the most demanding ones. It has a compact and light-weight design, thanks to the use of aluminium external parts.

Direct assembly in lorry powertake-offs according to the European ISO 7653 standard (four holes). Flows of 12,17, 25,34, 40, 47, 56, 64, 84, 108 and 130 cc/rev. Flows of 12 - 34 cc/rev. will be available shortly.

Maximum intermittent pressure: 400 Bar.

Gear Pumps

Uni-rotational or bi-rotational gear pumps. For applications in the need for moderate pressure and performance. Available for direct assembly in power take-offs according to the UNI (three holes) or ISO (four holes) standards. Flows from 17 to 151 cc/rev.

Maximum intermittent pressure up to 300 Bar (depending on flows).

Hydraulic and pneumatic valves.

Hydraulic valves pneumatically operated for tipping trucks.

Pneumatic valves for power take-off and hydraulic valve operation. Comprehensive range of solenoid valves, flow control valves and pressure limiting valves.

Piston pumps for trucks.

They stand out due to their low sound level.

Performance superior to the gear pumps and inferior to the piston pumps. High speeds and medium pressures (210 Bar). Long life due to its design featuring hydraulic forces balance. Direct assembly in truck power take-offs according to the European ISO 7653 standard (four holes). Easy repair thanks to its interchangeable cartridge. Flows from 19 to 66 cc/rev.


The power take-offs transmit the truck engine power to the pump.

There are models to be mounted on gearbox and on vehicle engine.

- Mounted on gearbox:

We have models for almost all the European, American and Japanese truck models.

With pneumatic, mechanical or vacuum shifting system. With ISO output of four holes for direct assembly of the pump, or with companion flange output for cardan transmission. Power take-offs with a double output for the assembly of two pumps are also available.

- Mounted on engine:

For several European truck models. In this case, the operation is continuous, with no possibility for disconnection.


Tipping trucks:

-Piston pump: economical gear pumps for front cylinders or pressures less than 200 Bar.

-Bent axial piston pumps: for higher pressures, or when a greater performance and durability are required.

-Pneumatic Valves: To operate the power take-off and the hydraulic control valve.

-Hydraulic valves: Pneumatically operated. Different flows and pressures are available.

-Oil tanks and filters, can be supply from other partners.

Agricultural Machinery:


The majority of our pumps are available with agricultural splined shafts. Piston pumps perform well at low speed, and for this reason, they may be driven directly by the tractor power take-off, without using speed multipliers. Spraying pump: type of this pump with 3 membranes, 3 membranes hooped, 3 membranes without air tube, milling out pump with 3 membranes. Pump with 4 membranes and 25cc, 67cc and 80cc.



Modern cranes work at pressures close to 300 Bar, so the use of a robust BB axial piston pump is necessary.

Power Take-offs:

In case of high flow pumps and long working cycles, the use of a reinforced power takeoff is recommended.

Waste compactors:


A high flow, medium-high pressure and very quiet pump is required. Frequently, double pumps or Bent axis pumps are used to supply various systems independently.The pump must work continuously with extremely tough work cycles. All these demanding requirements are met by our Bent axis pump. Their maximum pressure may reach 300-320 bar for the double pumps but for the bent axis pump you can have more pressure may reach to 500 bar (depending on the models), and their sound level is extremely low.

An extremely long useful life and an ease to repair are additional advantages of these pumps. The pump tends to be driven directly by the truck engine, so a power take-off is not usually used. Although the double pumps or Bent axis pumps may work continuously, as a measure to save fuel, it is possible to use an electro-magnetic clutch which stops the pump when it is not needed.


Our comprehensive range of solenoid valves, pressure limiting valves, or flow control regulators is used in the management of the complex sequence of movements necessary for these vehicles. Standard subplates or special blocks are used in the valve assembly. We can design and manufacture special blocks according customer’s needs.

Container skiploaders:

Pump: This is an application of high pressure, which means that a Bent axial piston pumps must be used.

Power take-off:

The short work cycles mean that non-reinforced power take-offs may be used.