Automotive Hydraulics

In order to stop a fast-moving vehicle, a great amount of force is required. The brake systems involved in an automotive application requires a hydraulic system, to slow the vehicle’s speed safely and in a prompt fashion.

The majority of automotive hydraulic brake systems are made up of a brake pedal, a cylinder, a series of pistons, brake fluid and brake pads.

At Trident Hydraulics, we have worked hard to source the most reliable, hi-tech hydraulic components from the world’s leading hydraulic manufacturers. We wish to remain at the forefront of the hydraulic supplying field, meaning each and every component sold through Trident upholds our emphasis on quality materials and products.

Settima Pumps

Hydraulics systems can be both powerful, yet quiet to run, and Settima produces pumps that are no exception to this desired result. They specialise in low noise and no noise hydraulic pumps for various applications, continually improving their designs and technology over almost forty years.

Settima pumps come in a variety of types and formations, depending on the particular application they are to be used for. Settima screw pump series are designed to reduce noise emissions, resisting adverse environments and providing a long-life solution.

Salami Pumps

Having over 50 years’ experience in the design and production of hydraulic components, Salami are an Italian-based company that manufacture sophisticated hydraulic pumps for automotive use. There range includes aluminium alloy bodied pumps, as well as motors and flow dividers with cast iron bodies.

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Settima Pumps