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At Trident Hydraulics, we take pride in our streamlined business process that ensures efficient design and manufacturing of high-quality hydraulic solutions for our valued customers. Here's a glimpse into our process.

Trident Hydraulics Design Process:

Customer Concept Established:
When a customer approaches us with a hydraulic system requirement, we initiate the process by understanding their needs. We collaborate with the customer to gather all necessary information and determine if they can provide us with any drawings or specifications.

Establish Design:
Based on the customer's concept and requirements, our experienced design team starts working on developing a comprehensive design plan. We take into account factors such as functionality, performance, durability, and safety.

Design Undertaken:
Once the design plan is established, our skilled designers begin working on creating detailed designs and engineering solutions. 

They utilise advanced software tools and industry best practices to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Design Concept/Solution - 3D Overview:
To provide our customers with a clear understanding of the proposed design, we create a 3D overview. 

This visual representation helps visualise the concept and enables our clients to provide valuable feedback.

Review Internally:
Before sharing the design with the client, our internal team conducts a comprehensive review. 

We thoroughly assess the design's feasibility, compliance with standards, and alignment with customer requirements. Any necessary adjustments or improvements are made during this phase.

Review with Client:
We schedule a meeting with the client to present the design concept and 3D overview. This collaborative discussion allows us to address any concerns, answer questions, and incorporate valuable input from the client into the final design.

Does the Design Meet Customer Requirements and Scope?
During the review with the client, we ensure that the design aligns perfectly with their requirements and project scope. If any modifications are required, we work closely with the customer to make the necessary adjustments and optimise the design accordingly.

If the answer is "Yes":

Once the design is approved and deemed to meet the customer's requirements, we move forward to the next step.

Sign Off Design:
Both Trident Hydraulics and the client formally sign off on the design, indicating mutual agreement and approval. 

This serves as a critical milestone, marking the completion of the design phase and initiating the manufacturing process.

After the Sign Off:
With the design finalised and approved, our skilled manufacturing team takes charge to bring the hydraulic system to life. 

They employ state-of-the-art machinery, tools, and techniques to fabricate, assemble, and test the components, ensuring precision, quality, and reliability.

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At Trident Hydraulics, our commitment to a well-defined design process ensures that our hydraulic systems are tailor-made to meet customer requirements, delivering high performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. 

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