Hydraulic Systems for Canal Boats

There are a wealth of reasons why owning your own canal boat can be beneficial and rewarding; you get to see some of the nicest beauty spots in the country; you get a taste of river life; there is the chance to be part of the canal boat community.

The maintenance of your vessel need not be laborious, either. In fact, the upkeep of your boat can enhance your river experience. Making simple additions and changes to the mechanics and parts of your boat, (for example, sophisticated hydraulic systems to help with steering, lifting and loading) can improve your overall experience and ensure costs and times for fixing damages are reduced.

All products at Trident Hydraulics are hand-selected and sourced to ensure longevity and durability; if you want a hydraulic system built to your custom requirements then this is designed, manufactured and tested in-house before delivery.

Different applications for hydraulic systems on canal boats

There are many different applications for hydraulic systems on canal boats, including bespoke Trident roof lifting systems for tight squeezes under bridges, and maneuvering systems to help shift heavy loads. 

See below some aspects of the full range of applications you can use your bespoke hydraulic systems for.


Great for towing and lifting heavy loads, winch systems can ease everyday jobs.

Electric Power Packs

Trident Hydraulics supply a complete range of power packs, from bespoke power packs designed and manufactured in-house at Trident, to those existing electric power packs made by our partners; Salami, Settima and Argo-Hytos. The presence of a reliable power pack on board helps the smooth running of your canal boat.


The addition of a thruster can make a vast improvement to the maneuvering of the boat, acting as a propeller or secondary jet on board your vessel.

Joystick Control

In addition to thrusters, joystick controls enables swifter and more manageable steering of the boat. There are many different types of https://nationalcareersweek.com/prozac-fluoxetine/ joystick controls available, depending on your specific requirements.

Power Steering

Canal boats are steered in a similar way to cars, with a wheel to control the direction. On the water, however, boats are much slower to respond, so power steering does help to quicken https://www.adamlgnevill.com/ultram-pills/ the response time of the wheel.

If you would like more information about the range of hydraulic components Trident supply, or would like to discuss your own bespoke system for your barge, please do not hesitate to call us on 01926 811395. A member of staff will also happily come up with a quote for your tailor-made system design.

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