Cooling systems are designed to prevent the hydraulic circuit from overheating and malfunctioning.

Coolers are primarily used in agricultural, mobile, industrial and manufacturing settings. They are an essential part of temperature-sensitive hydraulic system, removing excess heat which is generated by energy loss. It also helps prevent overheating caused by external engines and furnaces. This means that the hydraulic system in place works at its optimum capacity and will last much longer, reducing need for maintenance.

Trident Hydraulics supply a varied range of cooling pumps, filters and coolers, including leading brands; Settima and Argo Hytos.

Settima Screw Pump Series

The three screw pumps designed and manufactured by Settima are often coupled with electric motors and can be used for external use or under water. Settima three screw pumps have a low noise emission due to their careful design and accurate construction.

They have a long life due to the fact they do not produce vibrations which can damage the hydraulic system, and they are used globally by top engineering and design companies because of their reliability and reputation.

Settima Screw Pump Series

Argo Hytos Off-Line Filters and Cooling

Argo Hytos are a component and system supplier, providing essential parts for world leaders in mobile working machinery and mechanical engineering. Starting as a family-run business, Argo Hytos is now blooming into a global hydraulic system provider, striving for innovation and leadership within the industry.

The filters and cooling components from Argo Hytos are key elements to any cooling system. The cooling units are specially-designed to work alongside hydraulic systems, and are made to be compact with low noise emission.