There are many different uses for hydraulic systems in marine engineering, from steering, to rudder control, heavy lifting tools to water-tight doors. In order to ensure safety on board ships and other vessels, it is paramount that the hydraulic system is reliable, efficient and powerful.

Trident Hydraulics have a varied selection of pumps and valves which can be utilised for marine application. Are sophisticated products have been hand-selected to uphold our key goal of high-quality, high-technology.

Salami Pumps

Having been established in 1956, Salami Spa have over 50 years’ experience within the hydraulic sector. They have perfected and finely-tuned their hydraulic components with the client’s satisfaction in mind.

Salami Pumps

Salami Valves

Salami manufacture both pressure compensated directional control valves, and directional control valves. Made of cast iron, Salami valves are durable and have a long life. They perform well, even in adverse conditions, due to their design. Depending on the specific application, there are multiple types of valves from Salami, available at Trident Hydraulics.

Settima Pumps

Another industry leader is Settima. Established in 1978 with the contribution of Engineer Cagnani, Settima is a noted manufacturer of hydraulic pumps. With an emphasis on low noise, cost-effective systems, Settima pumps are trusted and popular in marine applications.

There are four main types of hydraulic pumps that are used in marine applications; vane pumps, gear pumps, transmission pumps and load-sensing pumps. The most frequently used of these four is the load-sensing piston pump, due to the fact it can alter its displacement according to the movements of the control valve.

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