Mobile Machinery

Non-road mobile machines operate with hi-technology hydraulic systems. Hydraulics allow mobile devices to lift and transfer heavy loads, and to sustain these weights through a controlled circuit. They are also instrumental for the basic functions of the machines, for example, breaking and steering. Trident Hydraulics places emphasis on safety, efficiency and effectiveness. Our products have been sourced to provide the best service for all our clients.

Salami Pumps

An Italian-based company, Salami have been producing key components, such as pumps, for over 50 years. They provide a complete range of products which are supplied by Trident Hydraulics.

Salami Pumps

HPT Piston Pumps

HPT piston pumps are both contemporary and performance driven, being used extensively across the world in major mobile machinery manufacturers. They have a high impact but are lightweight due to their aluminium shell. There are many different types of piston pumps, depending on the application. These include uses for bent axis, uni-rotational or bi-rotational gears, tipping trucks, mechanical and vacuum shifting systems.

Salami Valves

Trident Hydraulics are authorised UK distributors of Salami products, offering a wide selection of their products, and more specifically for mobile machinery, valves.

Fluid Press Valves

Fluid press valves deliver pressure safely, controlling and maintaining the pre-set flow of the hydraulic circuit. These particular types of valves are found in most applications. By controlling the force of the flow, fluid press valves uphold the safety of the system, safeguarding pressure limits and diverting the flow of excess oil if the pressure exceeds the range set.


Hydraulic generators convert the flow of the oil or lubricant from the machinery into a compact and quiet form of AC and DC power. They are specially-designed to suit the individual application.

Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic filters are designed to prevent the contamination of the lubricant or oil. They are key elements of any hydraulic system. Trident Hydraulics supply a varied range of filters for a plethora of applications and mobile machinery.