Tool Machines

Trident Hydraulics have a wide range of power packs and Settima pumps that provide powerful, precise results.Such products can be used for a number of machine tool applications, such as gear cutting, grinding, spin forming and waterjet cutting.

All products available from Trident Hydraulics have been hand-selected, based on their durability, reliability and efficiency.

Settima Pumps

Since its establishment in 1978, Settima has continually worked to achieve gold-standard, low noise technology, and remains to be an authority within the hydraulics industry. The following pumps are just a select few from the vast range that Trident Hydraulics supply, and are amongst the most popular.

SMT Pumps

SMT screw pumps are perfect for industrial application, providing low and medium pressure (80 bar). Offering a reliable, low noise component for a full range of tool machine applications, SMT pumps from Settima are long-lasting, durable and cost-effective.

Settima Pumps

SMTU Pumps

These long-life, three screw pumps are suitable for industrial use at low to medium pressure. They are extremely cost-effective, used primarily for lifts and elevators. The three screws rotate within the pump, resisting any axial load. Due to the sophisticated design, the screws are able to rotate without wearing.

Compact Power Packs

Compact power packs can be utilised for a number of industrial applications. Generally, they are used in lifting platforms, elevating tables, presses, ramps, machine tools and mobile applicators.

They contain fourteen basic hydraulic circuits, with the possibility of adding more circuits depending on the application. These additional circuits can take both vertical and horizontal form in a stacking assembly.

Their compact design allows these power packs to fit within small envelope dimensions. Each power pack consists of an electric motor, pump, manifold and tank. The hydraulic elements and main components are mounted onto the aluminium body’s base.

For more information about the power packs and Settima pumps available from Trident Hydraulics, or for a bespoke quote, please contact us on 01926 811395.